What’s on Sale and Healthy from Albertsons, Kroger, and Rouses!

May 12, 2017 | Healthy Cajun Recipes


Your weekly Skinny Louisiana approved sales from Albertsons, Kroger, and Rouses.

Hi friends!

Welcome back to this week, ‘What’s on Sale and Healthy?’ While our choices are a bit limited, we still have a nice variety of foods to get us through our week. Don’t be blue with the small selection and don’t forget to pick up a great card and some flowers for mom!




Vine tomatoes – 97 cents/lb
93% ground beef – 4.99 lb
    Be sure to use this in my Skinny Low Cooker Beef Enchiladas

Under the Fab! Four Sale
Yoplait 100 Greek yogurt – 69 cents
Quaker oatmeal – 1.99
Birds Eye steamed vegetables – 79 cents



Community coffee – 3.99
Red, orange, yellow & green peppers – 88 cents
    Use in my Mardi Gras Slaw.
Green cabbage – 49 cents
Puffins – 2/$5
    Look for Puffins cereals with 5 grams of fiber or higher



Cucumbers – 2/$1
Zucchini – 99 cents
Strawberries – $1.97 lb
Kentwood water – 2/$10
Pork tenderloin – $2.99 lb
93% lean ground turkey – $3.99 lb
Fairlife milk – $3.49

Did I miss any? List below!

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